Hotels Look to Cash In Now

With the travel industry at a standstill, some hotels hope gift card discounts can lure future guests and drive much-needed revenue.

Napa Valley’s Calistoga motor hotel & Spa, for instance , is currently housing essential personnel, but the property is looking beyond the Covid-19 crisis with a suggestion of a $50 bonus for those that purchase an e-gift card of $200 or more. The Inn at Avila Beach, a California all-inclusive that’s shuttered until early May, is offering 20% off all gift cards. Maine’s Higgins Beach Inn, which plans to open by May 29, has launched an identical offer, tacking on an additional $20 for each $100 gift card purchase.

But while numerous independent and boutique hotels are banking on gift card sales to assist tide them over, their promotions could be reaching a comparatively limited audience.

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